Wanna have some unique travel experiences? Vietnam tours are what you are looking for

Going on Vietnam tours, tourists can find Buddha statues in an amusement park, enjoy coffee made from civet cats’ dung and enjoy a greasy dish of fried silkworm chrysalis while wearing silk clothes.
Compared to the world, Vietnam has such a weird and original tradition but that‘s what makes the country much more special and attractive. The following are the things that reporter from an English magazine named Roughguides found strange.
Sleepwear fashion
The first thing that is going to take you aback on Vietnam tours is the “street styles” here. In Vietnam, not only were pyjamas worn at home but they can also be found at work. In fact, women in the countryside find it normal to wear this type of clothes when they are working. There are many types of sleepwear, ranging from the floral shirt with shorts to those colorful long ones with buttons. At first, you may feel quite strange about it but you will get used to it afterwards. You probably even get yourself one of those comfy suits at the end.

those floral shirts

Those floral shirts are probably the most common women’s outfits in the countryside of Vietnam.

Coffee made from Civet’s dung
Vietnam is the world second largest coffee exporter and most of the products have just been primarily processed and sold with cheap price. However, among those, there is an expensive type with amazingly high quality. It is Civet coffee which is made from the dung of Civet, the animal that consumes coffee berries. During the process of digestion, more flavors have been added to the coffee beans. And after about 24 hours, these beans will be defecated by the civets. After removing dirt and dangerous elements, the beans are roasted and processed. This type coffee gives you the taste of chocolate and the original flavors of coffee. You would regret for the rest of your like if taking on Vietnam tours but not having tasted this kind of coffee once.
Snake wine
Snake is not only a popular food but also regarded as delicacies in Vietnam. Hence, this original type of wine can be found anywhere in the country. You may be surprised by seeing many types of snakes being submerged in rice wine. The most popular type is viper. The process of making this wine includes killing the snakes, removing its innards and pouring its blood into the rice wine.
Cricket farm
Roasted crickets are often served with beer in Vietnam. Visiting Da Lat, tourists are able to see numerous cricket farms raising thousands of crickets inside boxes containing sugar canes. Don’t be scared by the look of the dish, it is a really nutritious and delicious food.

cricket farm

Eating hedgehog
Vietnamese are famous for dishes made from unusual meat which is different from the foreign cuisine such as balut, crocodile, turtle or field mice. Hence, you should not surprise when finding out that they also use hedgehog as food. Despite its bad look, this dish tastes really good. In fact, its flavor is quite similar to duck meat. You can find numerous farms raising hedgehog for meat in Vietnam.
Buddha statues in the park
Besides many entertainment activities in Suoi Tien Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can find a huge Buddha statue. What makes it special is that there is a huge ferris wheel with shimmering lights at the back of the statue. There are also many other symbols of Buddhism such as dragon, turtle and phoenix statues, etc.
Silk and stunning dishes made from silkworms
Watching the process of making silk filaments in the highlands of Vietnam is a must – try experience. The cocoons are boiled in large bins to kill the pupas inside. Afterwards, the silk is unbound from the cocoons and rolled into small fibers. The silkworms after being separated from the capsules will be roasted to eat.


Smoking in public destinations
After meals, it is really easy to find men smoking bamboo pipes, a traditional smoking instrument in Vietnam. These bamboo pipes can be found at any roadside eatery in Hanoi. This type of smoking is much more harmful than the regular cigarettes due to the high amount of nicotine in it. This dish is sure to make your Vietnam tours much more unforgettable.

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