The original taste of Myanmar food

Myanmar food has always amazed visitors by its originality and beautiful taste. Shan rice, tea leaf salad or Burmese curry are the stunning dishes that most of travelers found hard to resist.

In the recent years, Myanmar has been dubbed ‘the rising star’ of Asian tourism. Hundreds of visitors are attracted to this Southeast Asian country not only by its hospitable people, amazing culture and breath – taking natural landscapes but also by its interesting cuisine.

Although Myanmar food is largely influenced by Thailand, China, India and the cuisine of many ethnic minorities, the dishes in this country still give diners something really special and different.

1. Tea leaf salad
One of the most special dishes of Myanmar food is lephet, also known as fermented tea leaves. These fermented leaves are used as the ingredients of tea leaf salad. People here also use this salad as a snack or an appetizer.

tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

The special dish is created by fermented tea leaves mixed with julienned cabbage, sliced tomato, garlic and spicy chilli along with many types of beans.
However, Burmese people advise travelers eat just a moderate amount of this Myanmar food since it is considered to be a type of stimulant. You are likely to get sleepless if consuming too much of these.

2. The Shan’s rice
Also known as nga htamin (which means fish rice), the Shan’s rice is becoming the perfect choice for tourists visiting Myanmar.

the shan's rice

The Shan’s rice

The rice is cooked with beautifully yellow turmeric water and served with a piece of stunning roasted freshwater fish. The fact that this type of Myanmar food is seasoned with lots of garlic, chilli and pepper makes it the quiche dish for spicy lovers.

3. Burmese curry
Stopping by some traditional restaurants in Myanmar, you are bound to have some of the most unique dining experiences. And enjoying Burmese curry is one of those.

burmese curry

Burmese curry

As its name suggests, curry is the main ingredient of this dish. However you can choose the type of meat that you want the dish to be served with. There are plenty of options for you, ranging from pork, beef, lamb to seafood.
At the restaurants which are open for Muslims, Burmese curry will be served with salaf, green vegetables or beans, etc.
More interestingly, when enjoying Burmese curry, they will also serve you with a traditional appetizer of Myanmar, the nuts and pickled tea leaves contained in a lacquer tray.

4. Burmese tea cake
Teashops are the wonderful destinations for tourists to discover and enjoy the traditional Myanmar food. Besides traditional dishes, almost every teashop in Myanmar has numerous types of cakes available for you to enjoy while sipping a cup of tea.

burmese tea cake

A cup of hot tea with tea cakes is a good idea for travelers

Meanwhile, teashops opened by Indians or Muslims often serve salty fried cakes, roasted bread or tomato bread.
And teashops with Chinese owners present tourists with steamed dumplings or fried sweet cakes.

5. Burmese sweet snacks
Unlike the sweets in the West, sweets in Myanmar (also called ‘muon’) are not served as desserts but snacks. They are served with tea in the morning and afternoon.

burmese sweets

Burmese sweets

Muon’s sweetness is not created by sugar. What makes Myanmar food different from the others is that the sweetness comes from the natural ingredients such as sliced coconuts, fruits, coconut milk or rice powder, etc.
Along with teacakes, these sweet snacks become the food that cannot be resisted for those tea lovers.

6. Burmese fries
Burmese people have a special passion for deep fried food. Hence, fried cakes with different sizes and shapes are the most popular street food in Myanmar.

burmese fries

Burmese fries

Fried crispy spring rolls and bread with the special flavor served with sweet & sour sauce create an irresistible attraction.
Most of the cakes in Myanmar are made from normal rice flour or sweet rice flour, sometimes both. They mix flour with ground garlic, onion and ginger. These spices create a beautiful smell for the cakes when being fried.
Flour is also mixed with coconut fibers, tomato and curry powder to create different types of cakes.

7. Shan tofu noodles
This original Myanmar food is the typical dish of an ethnic minority living in the North of Myanmar.

shan tofu noodles

Stores selling the Shan’s food always stand out with large blocks of tofu. What makes tofu here special is that it is not made of fermented soybeans as usual but of yellow lentils and green beans. They often serve tofu with yellow noodles, soup and salad.

8. Nan Gyi Thohk noodles

nan gyi thohk noodles

Nan Gyi Thohk is a type of Myanmar food that consists of rice noodles mixed with a special kind of curry chicken. Diners can add lemon for more sour taste. This dish is often likened to the Western spaghetti.

9. Mohinga fish noodles
This dish is considered to be a popular traditional dish in Myanmar.

mohinga fish noodles

The main ingredients are chickpea powder, ground roasted rice, cooked catfish and many types of spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass and fish sauce.
This popular dish is widely sold in many areas of the country. If you have a chance to visit Myanmar, don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful street food.

10. The Shan’s noodles

the shan's noodles

This dish is the perfect combination of thin noodles, chicken, pork and pickled vegetables.
Singular taste and ‘attractive’ look are the reasons why the Shan’s noodles become the top option for numerous tourists coming to Myanmar. No wonder why this dish is in the top ten most stunning Myanmar food.

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