Threeland Travel’s Website Upgrade On Christmas Eve

Threeland Travel team has proudly announced about their most recent website upgrade on December 25th 2013.

Right on this Christmas Eve, Threeland Travel’s official website is finally upgraded into new version working well not only on PC but also on mobile devices. The website’s new interface is designed in flat style, with the hope of not only bringing a new wind to the company, refreshing the outdated features, adding new extensions and updating contents; but also making Threeland more accessible and friendlier to our valued customers and partners.


Threeland’s site on various devices

Visitors now can easily access up-to-date information about Tour Promotions, Hotel Promotions, and Airline Promotions. A list of featured tours is available on front page, which helps visitors find a suitable itinerary for their own. Besides, they can also check out hottest news about many best deals of hotels, airlines or tours, as well as cultural news about upcoming and typical events in the country.

A special feature of this new version is the introduction of a particular Vietnam tours for Indian. The biggest country of the IndochinaPeninsula now offers more comfortable Vietnam holidays than ever, whilst trying to maintain its unique multi-ethnic culture. This will bring great benefit for India guests who enjoy Vietnam travel with better time and cost saving.

Everything is solved within one click is Threeland Travel team’s motto. Following this, our webmasters have added new social media plug-ins such as TripAdvisor box, which allows visitors to get an overview of our company property listed on TripAdvisor, and also help them to easily access and write a review for us; or Google Plus Badge, which is very convenient for Google Plus users to track our latest information. Moreover, the plug-in for Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogspot are also added. Please click on the icons to follow us and receive a lot of useful travel stuffs. Also, a badge of Threeland Travel e-brochure is available at the bottom right corner for better viewing and downloading.

The website is expected to give visitors the best impression about Threeland Travel team, by both visual and verbal channels. A lot more functions are going to be added to best serve our customers. Visit us at and tell us your feeling about the changes.

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