Hoi An – An Appealing Destination for Cycling

Tourists planning cycle holidays in and around the popular World Heritage town of Hoi An Town can find their way around using a new digital tour guide.

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Afternoon in Cua Dai Beach

The digital bicycle tour combines a bicycle with a 3-dimensional screen and a sensor system. It provides images and valuable information on destinations for those touring by bicycle.

Vietnam Advanced Systems (Novas) director, Pham Thanh Hoa, said it took eight engineers one year to complete the project.

“We set up a series of 3D pictures of the most visited sites in Hoi An’s ancient town, streets, and shops, including the JapaneseBridge and old quarter, pagodas, wharfs and buildings.”

Tourists can ride on a bike, winding through corners of streets in Hoi An using the images of the 3D screen to show them directions and explain details of the places they visit.”

He added that tourists can check a destination with screen pictures instead of reading a guidebook, which is more difficult when riding a cycle.

The system is built into a device similar to popular GPS devices that are attached to the handlebars.

In addition, a new tourist rest stop in Hoi An Town has been opened at 57 Tran Phu Street, to mark the 14th anniversary of the town’s recognition as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site (1999 to 2013).

The ground floor of the two-storey house includes photos of domestic and foreign artists such as Luu Cong Nhan and Japan’s Goto. The artists’ pictures were donated to Hoi An. The second floor showcases Hoi An’s history and its attractions.

Hoi An, an UNESCO World Heritage site, has over 1,000 houses listed as historical assets. They are between 100 and 200 years old.

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