Changes in Bagan tourism fee

Bagan’s tourism zone entrance fees could soon be collected by the Myanmar Tourism Federation, with part of the proceeds funding the development of Myanmar tourism and travel facilities in the Bagan region.

Bagan - one of the most famous spiritual destinations in Myanmar.

Bagan – one of the most famous spiritual destinations in Myanmar.

The tourism federation’s joint general secretary, U Khin Aung Htun, told local media that the fees are currently collected by the Ministry of Culture, but the federation is negotiating with the government to take over that responsibility. A deal could be reached as soon as April.

“We will begin collecting fees no later than 1 October. It could be sooner depending upon our discussions with the government,” he added.

The federation will pay 85% of the fees to the government, while 5% will go towards Bagan’s regional development projects and the remaining 10% will be used to ensure Myanmar is promoted at international travel forums and conferences.

On average, 1,100 tourists visit Bagan every day. The entrance fee increased from US$10 to US$15 in July 2013.

Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library deputy director, U Myo Oo, was quoted as saying that the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Mandalay regional government and Bagan city elders have been discussing the proposal since January, but no agreement has yet been reached.

“We still collect the Bagan entrance fees. An agreement for the MTF to collect fees is pending.”

The Union of Myanmar Travel Association vice president, U Thet Lwin Toh, added: “When MTF collects Bagan zone entrance fees, it will help to improve services in Bagan like security and waste disposal, while contributing to the maintenance of important sites and pagodas.”

In the financial year 2011 to 2012 about 120,000 visited Bagan, rising to around 188,000 the following fiscal year 2012 to 2013. The year ends 31 March.

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