Top beach destinations in Vietnam

Top beach destinations in Vietnam. The picturesque beauty of the following beaches in Vietnam is bound to take your breath away.

1. Nhatrang bay – Khanh Hoa

Being surrounded by 19 big and small islands, Nhatrang bay is fairly airtight. There are almost 10 Yen islands in Nhatrang bay. Each year, residents in Khanh Hoa earn millions of dollars from edible bird’s nest (Yen’s nest). There is another interesting world in Nhatrang – the world of more than 350 types of coral and 190 fish species.
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Nhatrang is among those rarest natural ecological systems in the world. Contrary to most of the bays in the world, Nhatrang has almost every typical type of ecosystem of tropical waters such as wetland ecosystem, estuarine ecosystem, island ecosystem and coastal ocean ecosystem. Especially, Hon Mun in Nhatrang Bay has the world highest biological diversity with up to 350 types of coral reefs. No wonder why Nhatrang tops the list of top beach destinations in Vietnam.

Nhatrang bay along with Halong bay was officially recognized and ranked as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world in 2003.

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Terraced fields – Interesting places to visit in Vietnam

Terraced fields are the famous places to visit in Vietnam. The Telegraph has voted Terraced fields as the 6th most colorful landscapes in the world that tourists should visit at least once.

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10 unique things about Vietnamese cuisine

30 types of sauce and raw blood soup are the things considered ‘exclusive’ and ‘weird’ that only Vietnamese cuisine has.

1. Vietnam is not the only country that produces sauce but it is the only country that has such diversity of this dish. According to an incomplete statistics, Vietnam has no less than 30 types of sauce such as fish sauce, shrimp sauce or crab sauce, etc.

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2. One of the dishes that makes foreigners frightened when visiting Vietnam is raw blood soup. The most common types in Vietnam are pig, duck and dog raw blood soup. Read More


Hanoi made into top 10 most favorite destinations in 2015

The ancient streets, tree – lined streets and the combination between the old and modern French architecture are the characters that make tourists voted Hanoi as the 4th most favorite destination in 2015.
According to TripAdvisor, the charm of Hanoi comes from its ancient streets, symbols and the old French architecture along with the modern ones.

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Vietnam travel guide – Nha Trang

vietnam travel guide nha trang
Vietnam travel guide – Nha Trang is a wonderful tourist attraction in Vietnam which attracts many international tourists. Nha Trang is famous for the blue clear water and fine sand that you won’t have a chance to experience elsewhere. There is something that you need to know before travelling to Nha Trang. Read More