Wanna have some unique travel experiences? Vietnam tours are what you are looking for

Going on Vietnam tours, tourists can find Buddha statues in an amusement park, enjoy coffee made from civet cats’ dung and enjoy a greasy dish of fried silkworm chrysalis while wearing silk clothes.
Compared to the world, Vietnam has such a weird and original tradition but that‘s what makes the country much more special and attractive. The following are the things that reporter from an English magazine named Roughguides found strange.
Sleepwear fashion
The first thing that is going to take you aback on Vietnam tours is the “street styles” here. In Vietnam, not only were pyjamas worn at home but they can also be found at work. In fact, women in the countryside find it normal to wear this type of clothes when they are working. There are many types of sleepwear, ranging from the floral shirt with shorts to those colorful long ones with buttons. At first, you may feel quite strange about it but you will get used to it afterwards. You probably even get yourself one of those comfy suits at the end.

those floral shirts

Those floral shirts are probably the most common women’s outfits in the countryside of Vietnam. Read More


Vietnam travel tips for Indian

vietnam travel tips for indian

Vietnam is such a peaceful and hospitable country that every tourist feels safe to travel to. The scene of numerous amazing wonders along with the stunning grilled sparrow is sure to leave you a lasting impression.

The Vietnamese are really grateful when they know you are trying to comply with their rules and customs and really lenient if you accidentally do anything wrong. This is one of the reasons why many Indian tourists are in favor of visiting Vietnam. However, there are some Vietnam travel tips for Indian that need to be taken into consideration. Read More


What boosts Vietnam tours from India?

The number of Vietnam tours from India is on the increase. There are some certain reasons why Indian tourists find Vietnam a great destination.

Safety and security

Vietnam has long been recognized as a safe and stable nation with no violent crimes such as armed robbery, murders or kidnapping. The majority of tourists visiting Vietnam feel safe. Pick- pocketing, petty thefts and purse snatching are the common types of crime in Vietnam.

Vietnam is also regarded as one of the World safest nation to travel and do business in, according to the polls of more than 400 Hong Kong – based companies.

Simpler visa issues

tours from india Read More


Vietnam beach vacation ideas

Vietnam possesses more than 2000 miles of coastline with hundreds of stunning beaches. Beaches below are the perfect candidate for your Vietnam beach vacation this summer
Long Beach, Phu Quoc

If you are looking for a Vietnam beach vacation, Long Beach in Phu Quoc Island is a perfect suggestion for you. This beautiful beach is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc Island. The reasons why it becomes one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam are the pristine fine yellow sand and lines of swaying coconut palms. Swimming, sunbathing, sunset watching; with all these activities, you will never get bored here.
Star Beach, Phu Quoc

In comparison to the west coast, the undeveloped east coast is less familiar but still as charming as the west one. Star beach, with its shimmering white sand and blue clear water, is a potential candidate for the most beautiful beaches on this pristine island. You may find some beach restaurant along the shore of the beach. Kayaking and snorkeling are the activities that you can participate in here.

Nha Trang, the city beach

Nha Trang, an interesting city beach located on the south coast, is an ideal destination for a Vietnam beach vacation. Nha Trang is a perfect combination of a boisterous city with hundreds of cafés and restaurants on one side and a blue beach with rolling waves on the others. Day trips on boats, watersports, fresh coconut and pineapple are always available. However, with the choppy waters in November and December, the beach cannot offer you all of these things.

hon chong beach nhatrang

Hon Chong Beach, Nha Trang

On the North of Nha Trang, there lies Hon Chong Beach. Hon Chong is not as refined as its central colleague but you are sure to regret if not spending a night in this beach. You can find numerous inexpensive seafood restaurants here. Read More


Vietnam train travel

If you have to choose between buses and trains, well you are recommended on the later. Travelling by trains is both safe and comfortable.
You should read the following Vietnam train travel guide in order to make the most out of your train journey.

If you decide to travel by train, you are advised to book tickets as soon as possible. One carriage has 4 to 6 beds. This makes it suitable for a small group to book the whole carriage for a private space. This type of travelling is sure to give you the feeling of safeness since you don’t have to worry about your luggage being robbed.

vietnam train travel Luggage
The distance from the gate of the station to the carriages is quite far so it would be better if you keep your luggage lightweight. It is advisable for you to wear clothes that make you feel convenient when moving around on train. The important personal items should always be kept with you and the others can be stored in a small cabinet under each bed. Read More