Do’s and Don’ts in Myanmar

do's and don'ts in myanmar

Traveling to a new country means approaching a brand new culture with completely different customs. It is advisable for you to find some information about the things you should and should not do in a country before heading for it to avoid troubles. If you are about to visit Myanmar, here are some Do’s and Don’ts in Myanmar that need to be taken into consideration. Read More


The original taste of Myanmar food

Myanmar food has always amazed visitors by its originality and beautiful taste. Shan rice, tea leaf salad or Burmese curry are the stunning dishes that most of travelers found hard to resist.

In the recent years, Myanmar has been dubbed ‘the rising star’ of Asian tourism. Hundreds of visitors are attracted to this Southeast Asian country not only by its hospitable people, amazing culture and breath – taking natural landscapes but also by its interesting cuisine.

Although Myanmar food is largely influenced by Thailand, China, India and the cuisine of many ethnic minorities, the dishes in this country still give diners something really special and different.

1. Tea leaf salad
One of the most special dishes of Myanmar food is lephet, also known as fermented tea leaves. These fermented leaves are used as the ingredients of tea leaf salad. People here also use this salad as a snack or an appetizer.

tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

The special dish is created by fermented tea leaves mixed with julienned cabbage, sliced tomato, garlic and spicy chilli along with many types of beans.
However, Burmese people advise travelers eat just a moderate amount of this Myanmar food since it is considered to be a type of stimulant. You are likely to get sleepless if consuming too much of these. Read More


Myanmar travel tips

myanmar travel tips

These following Myanmar travel tips are bound to make your visit to Yagon, Mandalay or Inle lake as easy as eating a cake.
Traveling in Myanmar is sure to be a promising trip with attractive destinations.

1. How to book airline and car tickets
Airline tickets to Myanmar
Airlines often run numerous promotions. You can book cheap return tickets to Yangon or you can choose to go to Bangkok as a transfer point then fly to Yangon.
Car tickets to travel within Myanmar
You should contact Seven Diamond Express through emails for car tickets. You can choose to go directly to their office to receive the tickets, or you may receive the tickets and pay for them right at the airport.

The price for each route that Seven Diamond offers:
• Yangon – Bagan (Ye’ Thu Aung Bus) 20.000 Kyats (which is over USD 19)
• Bagan – Mandalay (Myat Mandalar) 9.500 Kyats (which is over USD 9)
• Mandalay (Myat Mandalar) – Heho 12.000 Kyats (which is over USD 11)
• Heho (Shwe Nyaung) – Yangon (Yan Kyee Aung) 25.000 Kyats (which is over USD 24)
The delivery fee if you want to receive the tickets at the airport is 10.000 Kyats (which is nearly USD 10)

If you buy the tickets to Pyin Oo Lwin highland, you can buy tickets right at the hotels in Mandalay. The ticket price is 8.600 Kyats (which is over USD 8). Read More


Myanmar travel guide

Myanmar tourism is growing and expanding at an unbelievably fast pace though newly opened. You should read this Myanmar travel guide in order to make the most out of your trip.


Myanmar is an ancient country with numerous religious monuments, which makes the country a popular destination. These relics represent the greatness and elegance of architecture. The most stand – out ones are Shwedagon Gold pagoda (Yangon), the magical Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or Bagan – the ancient town with over 2000 magnificent temples. Myanmar attracts thousands of visitors due to its pristine nature, the peacefulness of Inle lake and the uniqueness of  the local custom.


Airplane is the best mean of transportation to get to Myanmar or travel around destinations within the country. It will cost you about 7.000.000 VNĐ for a return ticket from Ho Chi Minh city to Yangon and 7.500.000 VNĐ for the one from Hanoi to Yangon from Vietnam Airlines.

A less expensive option is Air Asia, but will have to make a transfer in Thailand.

myanmar travel guide shwedagon pagoda

Shwedagon pagoda (Yangon) Read More


10 most famous tourist attractions must visit in Myanmar tours

Myanmar (or Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhist with numerous Gold pagodas, monks in red robes and ancient monasteries. Another thing that makes Myanmar tours attractive is the beautiful and spectacular natural landscape of this country.
It is safe to say that Myanmar is not only the pilgrimage land of the Buddha’s disciples but also an interesting place for the ones who have passion for traveling.

1. Shwedagon gold pagoda(Yangon)
This 2500 – year – old pagoda is the golden symbol of Myanmar. The pagoda is said to be built before the Shakyamuni Buddha passed away. The top of the pagoda tower is 98m tall with a lot of smaller towers surrounding. Although the pagoda has been through many wars and natural disasters, it is still one of the largest pagodas in the world.

myanmar tours

The Shwedagon Gold pagoda

Read More