Overcome fear of traveling

Fear of traveling is a huge obstacle that deters tourists from taking the plunge. Accidentally breaking the law, being robbed or having health problems are the things that worry numerous people when traveling to the strange lands.
However, you should throw away worries and have fun.

Being robbed
Afraid of being robbed on the streets when traveling to a strange land is a perfectly legitimate fear. However, you shouldn’t get too nervous since robbery doesn’t happen in every tourist hotspot. Besides, even when you are at your home land, you are still on the verge of being robbed.
Just take care of your handbags carefully and avoid wearing too expensive jewelries when traveling and you can make the most of your interesting vacations.

fear of traveling

Throw away worries and make the most of your vacation!
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Vietnam travel guide – Nha Trang

vietnam travel guide nha trang
Vietnam travel guide – Nha Trang is a wonderful tourist attraction in Vietnam which attracts many international tourists. Nha Trang is famous for the blue clear water and fine sand that you won’t have a chance to experience elsewhere. There is something that you need to know before travelling to Nha Trang. Read More


Special New Year Foods in Asia

The same as Tet holidays in Vietnam, many Asia countries also welcome New Year following lunar calendar. Each country has different custom. Hence, in the first day of New Year, each country has own traditional new year foods with meanings that brings lucky to everyone in this year.

new year food chung cake
With Vietnamese, Chung Cake (Square Cake) represents convergence of sky, ground and deep grateful to ancestor. Therefore, Chung cake became traditional Vietnamese new years food from thousand years ago with deeply meanings. In every Vietnamese Family, Chung Cake cannot be miss food in the altar. In the days closed to official Têt day, Vietnamese would cluster round Chung Cake pot to confide, remain the old story and show desired in the New Year. Read More


Adventure Vietnam tours

Adventure vietnam tours

Adventure Vietnam tours – In many countries in the world, adventure tours bring huge profits and have strong attraction for tourists. However, in Vietnam, adventure tours have been imported with the simple form such as hiking, kayaking, waterfall sliding … produced by the tour operators.


Many people consider Hue as a famous for historical and scenic spots place. However, the two new attractive adventure games Highwire and zipline were recently imported and create greater attraction for the ancient capital. Highwire is a sport which consume a lot of energy and skills. Read More


Myanmar Traditional Food: 3 things you might not know about

Myanmar traditional food is something you cannot miss when deciding to take a trip to this spiritual country. Due to the diverse geographical features, favorable seasonal conditions, fertile soil and water resources, Myanmar boasts an abundant supply of food in a great variety all year around. There are five fun facts about Myanmar traditional food that you might not know about.

Four Popular Myanmar Traditional Food

Rice is among the main food in Myanmar, which comprises about 75% of the diet. Rice is often served with meat or fish, soup, salad and vegetables all cooked in their own ways, and some relishes to complement the meal.

Mohinga, or rice noodle served with fish soup, is the favorite Myanmar traditional food mostly enjoyed at breakfast or on special occasions.

Laphet or pickled tea leaves with a dash of oil and served with sesame seeds, fried garlic and roasted peanuts, is another popular snack typical of Myanmar.

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