Myanmar travel guide

Myanmar tourism is growing and expanding at an unbelievably fast pace though newly opened. You should read this Myanmar travel guide in order to make the most out of your trip.


Myanmar is an ancient country with numerous religious monuments, which makes the country a popular destination. These relics represent the greatness and elegance of architecture. The most stand – out ones are Shwedagon Gold pagoda (Yangon), the magical Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or Bagan – the ancient town with over 2000 magnificent temples. Myanmar attracts thousands of visitors due to its pristine nature, the peacefulness of Inle lake and the uniqueness of  the local custom.


Airplane is the best mean of transportation to get to Myanmar or travel around destinations within the country. It will cost you about 7.000.000 VNĐ for a return ticket from Ho Chi Minh city to Yangon and 7.500.000 VNĐ for the one from Hanoi to Yangon from Vietnam Airlines.

A less expensive option is Air Asia, but will have to make a transfer in Thailand.

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Terraced fields – Interesting places to visit in Vietnam

Terraced fields are the famous places to visit in Vietnam. The Telegraph has voted Terraced fields as the 6th most colorful landscapes in the world that tourists should visit at least once.

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10 unique things about Vietnamese cuisine

30 types of sauce and raw blood soup are the things considered ‘exclusive’ and ‘weird’ that only Vietnamese cuisine has.

1. Vietnam is not the only country that produces sauce but it is the only country that has such diversity of this dish. According to an incomplete statistics, Vietnam has no less than 30 types of sauce such as fish sauce, shrimp sauce or crab sauce, etc.

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2. One of the dishes that makes foreigners frightened when visiting Vietnam is raw blood soup. The most common types in Vietnam are pig, duck and dog raw blood soup. Read More


Hanoi made into top 10 most favorite destinations in 2015

The ancient streets, tree – lined streets and the combination between the old and modern French architecture are the characters that make tourists voted Hanoi as the 4th most favorite destination in 2015.
According to TripAdvisor, the charm of Hanoi comes from its ancient streets, symbols and the old French architecture along with the modern ones.

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10 most famous tourist attractions must visit in Myanmar tours

Myanmar (or Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhist with numerous Gold pagodas, monks in red robes and ancient monasteries. Another thing that makes Myanmar tours attractive is the beautiful and spectacular natural landscape of this country.
It is safe to say that Myanmar is not only the pilgrimage land of the Buddha’s disciples but also an interesting place for the ones who have passion for traveling.

1. Shwedagon gold pagoda(Yangon)
This 2500 – year – old pagoda is the golden symbol of Myanmar. The pagoda is said to be built before the Shakyamuni Buddha passed away. The top of the pagoda tower is 98m tall with a lot of smaller towers surrounding. Although the pagoda has been through many wars and natural disasters, it is still one of the largest pagodas in the world.

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The Shwedagon Gold pagoda

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