Myanmar travel tips

myanmar travel tips

These following Myanmar travel tips are bound to make your visit to Yagon, Mandalay or Inle lake as easy as eating a cake.
Traveling in Myanmar is sure to be a promising trip with attractive destinations.

1. How to book airline and car tickets
Airline tickets to Myanmar
Airlines often run numerous promotions. You can book cheap return tickets to Yangon or you can choose to go to Bangkok as a transfer point then fly to Yangon.
Car tickets to travel within Myanmar
You should contact Seven Diamond Express through emails for car tickets. You can choose to go directly to their office to receive the tickets, or you may receive the tickets and pay for them right at the airport.

The price for each route that Seven Diamond offers:
• Yangon – Bagan (Ye’ Thu Aung Bus) 20.000 Kyats (which is over USD 19)
• Bagan – Mandalay (Myat Mandalar) 9.500 Kyats (which is over USD 9)
• Mandalay (Myat Mandalar) – Heho 12.000 Kyats (which is over USD 11)
• Heho (Shwe Nyaung) – Yangon (Yan Kyee Aung) 25.000 Kyats (which is over USD 24)
The delivery fee if you want to receive the tickets at the airport is 10.000 Kyats (which is nearly USD 10)

If you buy the tickets to Pyin Oo Lwin highland, you can buy tickets right at the hotels in Mandalay. The ticket price is 8.600 Kyats (which is over USD 8). Read More


10 impressive Laos travel experiences

1. Stunning Waterfall

laos travel experiences kuang si falls

Kuang Si Falls ( Laos)

One of Laos travel experiences that you must have is visiting Kuang Si waterfall. KuanWandering around the peaceful Kuang Si Falls is the thing that everyone should experience when visiting Luang Prabang area. What makes this place so attractive is the scene of flows of water gently flowing into beautiful turquoise pools creating fresh atmosphere. Read More


Top beach destinations in Vietnam

Top beach destinations in Vietnam. The picturesque beauty of the following beaches in Vietnam is bound to take your breath away.

1. Nhatrang bay – Khanh Hoa

Being surrounded by 19 big and small islands, Nhatrang bay is fairly airtight. There are almost 10 Yen islands in Nhatrang bay. Each year, residents in Khanh Hoa earn millions of dollars from edible bird’s nest (Yen’s nest). There is another interesting world in Nhatrang – the world of more than 350 types of coral and 190 fish species.
top beach destinations nha trang

Nhatrang is among those rarest natural ecological systems in the world. Contrary to most of the bays in the world, Nhatrang has almost every typical type of ecosystem of tropical waters such as wetland ecosystem, estuarine ecosystem, island ecosystem and coastal ocean ecosystem. Especially, Hon Mun in Nhatrang Bay has the world highest biological diversity with up to 350 types of coral reefs. No wonder why Nhatrang tops the list of top beach destinations in Vietnam.

Nhatrang bay along with Halong bay was officially recognized and ranked as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world in 2003.

Read More


The originality of Laos food

Laos food may not be too complicated like the neighbor countries such as Thailand, China or Vietnam but is always assessed as fresh and creative. The specialities of Laos food comes from the original mix of the simple ingredients.

laos food

However, the cuisine here is still influenced by the neighbor countries at different level but mostly by Thailand: The food tastes spicy, sour and sweet. Thai and Laos food has one common point is that they use a lot of ginger, tamarind, lemongrass and dried chilli as spices.

Lao people often eat sticky rice instead of ordinary rice. This is the most popular ration in this country. They say that eating steamed glutinous rice make you feel full longer, which gives you energy to work all day. People here eat glutinous rice by hands instead of using spoon. One of the most unique dishes that you have to try when coming to this beautiful country is Lam rice. Read More


Angkor Wat Cambodia

Travelling to the ‘country of temples’ Cambodia and discovering the unique beauty of Angkor temples would be such an unforgettable experience.

angkor wat cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia

When talking about Cambodia, what is the first image that you have in your mind? I bet most of you would probably say “This is Angkor Wat Cambodia – the biggest religious relics in the world’. Contrary to the popular beliefs, Angkor Wat is actually just ONE temple in Cambodia. All the relics here are collectively called ‘Angkor’, a huge area with over 1000 temples of different size. Read More